Why you should join our rodeo club…

Of all the hobbies known to man throughout the whole wide world, participating in rodeo events is probably not what you would think of right away! Many people think it’s an obscure activity to be participating in, and while it did start out as a cowboys-only event for the fun of it and some bragging rights, the truth is that the rodeo enthusiasts community is widespread. It is now an official sport; with competitions, prizes, famous athletes and everything. And YOU can be part of the fun too!

Our rodeo club makes it easy to get into the game if you’re new to it, with a welcoming community who will help you get started. We hold various circuits for different age groups and skill levels. Our little club has even produced some famous rodeo athletes and we host weekly competitions where you’ll be able to watch the best of the best in the ring! Our records for maintaining competitor safety, animal welfare and fair competition for all are outstanding among rodeo clubs, and our events are inclusive to all ages and genders.

The perks of joining our club are many— from discounts at major tack retailers to invitations to Christmas, Halloween and New Years’ parties with like-minded rodeo enthusiasts. to tip-top guaranteed insurance upon membership. Most of all, our club is family-friendly and you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun! The enthusiasm of older members will surely bleed into you, and if you love animals this is the place to be. In no time at all you’ll be one of us— an upstanding, fearless horseman who’s more comfortable in the saddle than anywhere else. Who hasn’t pretended to be a cowboy or cowgirl growing up? Joining our rodeo club will make that dream a reality!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join us today… hit the button below:

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Members required

New members for our forum administration are needed in 2016, as the old order changeth and current or former admin members will be leaving their duties, having served their time on this forum.

The ideal candidates will be hardcore rodeo enthusiasts. We welcome long-time users of the forum who have led discussions, have achieved a ‘veteran user’ badge (three years on the forum or more) and have an eye on the latest events and news in the world of rodeo. To be an effective admin member, you’ll also need English writing skills, some knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, a friendly but firm attitude and a passion for weeding out offensive users and showing them the door! You’ll lead discussions, keep the topics on track, clean up forums of spam and error messages, help users troubleshooting, share the latest news and welcome new users to the community. We’ve set up a contact thread on the home page if ever anyone’s interested in taking over as forum administrators.

You will have the power to see very post (delete or not) track user activity, block, suspend or penalise users, lock and delete threads and change the look of the website on a pre-discussed basis, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility! We’re looking for dedicated admins to take over this season. if you’ve made a name for yourself on the forum by starting popular and ongoing threads, that will definitely be a plus for you.

This season’s going to be exciting, and we cant wait for you to be part of it!

It’s time to restore the roof for our barn shed!

Hey all! As some of you might know and realised.. we’ve restored our roof at the barn shed. Yes we know, it has been a long time over due. The finish was inspired by a friends barn over west that was restored by a Perth roof replacement company. To make this post a little more interesting, we’ve decided to make a story out of it. Check out the following story, written by me of course! Just be easy on the criticism of my writing skills!

It’s been a while since I last visited Gran’s farm. As I drove past the dusty road leading to his barn, I remember how I used to climb over the stall where Stewy, Grandpa’s horse was kept. He was a handsome horse with a starlike shape on his forehead. Grandpa named him Stewy, short for Stewart, which is the name of his father, my great grandfather.

Both grandma and grandpa where so delighted to see me. Grandma couldn’t wait for me to try her gingerbread cookies. How I love her gingerbread cookies. I told her I couldn’t wait to have them as nothing comes close to her gingerbread cookies. She smiled while she snapped a cookie and lovingly shoved it in my mouth. She used to do that when I was little. After our morning tea, it was Grandpa’s turn to show me the barn. I couldn’t wait to see it too as the barn meant the world to me as a child. We reminisced the times when I would stay with them during summer. He said that it was never difficult to wake me up in the morning to help him do farm chores as I was always excited to work at the barn. We talked about Stewy and how strong and reliable he was as he pulled a cartload of hay from the fields to the barn. I used to brush his mane and how he loved it. I noticed a sadness in Grandpa’s voice as we recalled Stewy. That’s when I also noticed that Grandpa had really aged. While his handsome features remain, his laugh lines are deeper and more prominent and his eyes are a bit cloudy. All of a sudden, I felt like he is too old to manage a farm. He chuckled when I held his arm to help him go up the steps to the barn. He probably thought that he needn’t help with that.  

The barn brought back sweet and fond memories of my childhood. It smelled the same, it looked the same. Then I saw what Grandpa really needed help with. He needed help in restoring the roof of his barn shed. He must have seen me squinting as the rays of the midday sunlight went through the large holes in the roof. “Darn roof needs some patching” he said. “Might be good if you to stay a bit longer “ he said with a wink. To be honest, I was happy he did ask me to stay. I’ve always had trouble asking people if they needed help.  Now, how can I say no to that?

Welcome to our site!

Hello everyone and welcome to our site. It’s simple in design because we’re about rodeos not overly artistic! But do not under estimate the simplicity because our content will be full of life, the rodeo life of course! Please bookmark this page in your favourites and make sure you come back to visit us.

We will be posting some exciting stuff on this blog every now and then, so make sure you check as often as you can. Because you don’t want to miss out!

As a teaser, we will be revealing our family event in the next couple of days. If you want to find out what it’s all about, then make sure you check back here soon.

Also, if you have any content that you want us to publish, please contact us. But please keep it to rodeo or rodeo related events only. Thanks!