Members required

New members for our forum administration are needed in 2016, as the old order changeth and current or former admin members will be leaving their duties, having served their time on this forum.

The ideal candidates will be hardcore rodeo enthusiasts. We welcome long-time users of the forum who have led discussions, have achieved a ‘veteran user’ badge (three years on the forum or more) and have an eye on the latest events and news in the world of rodeo. To be an effective admin member, you’ll also need English writing skills, some knowledge of HTML and CSS coding, a friendly but firm attitude and a passion for weeding out offensive users and showing them the door! You’ll lead discussions, keep the topics on track, clean up forums of spam and error messages, help users troubleshooting, share the latest news and welcome new users to the community. We’ve set up a contact thread on the home page if ever anyone’s interested in taking over as forum administrators.

You will have the power to see very post (delete or not) track user activity, block, suspend or penalise users, lock and delete threads and change the look of the website on a pre-discussed basis, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility! We’re looking for dedicated admins to take over this season. if you’ve made a name for yourself on the forum by starting popular and ongoing threads, that will definitely be a plus for you.

This season’s going to be exciting, and we cant wait for you to be part of it!

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