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Of all the hobbies known to man throughout the whole wide world, participating in rodeo events is probably not what you would think of right away! Many people think it’s an obscure activity to be participating in, and while it did start out as a cowboys-only event for the fun of it and some bragging rights, the truth is that the rodeo enthusiasts community is widespread. It is now an official sport; with competitions, prizes, famous athletes and everything. And YOU can be part of the fun too!

Our rodeo club makes it easy to get into the game if you’re new to it, with a welcoming community who will help you get started. We hold various circuits for different age groups and skill levels. Our little club has even produced some famous rodeo athletes and we host weekly competitions where you’ll be able to watch the best of the best in the ring! Our records for maintaining competitor safety, animal welfare and fair competition for all are outstanding among rodeo clubs, and our events are inclusive to all ages and genders.

The perks of joining our club are many— from discounts at major tack retailers to invitations to Christmas, Halloween and New Years’ parties with like-minded rodeo enthusiasts. to tip-top guaranteed insurance upon membership. Most of all, our club is family-friendly and you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun! The enthusiasm of older members will surely bleed into you, and if you love animals this is the place to be. In no time at all you’ll be one of us— an upstanding, fearless horseman who’s more comfortable in the saddle than anywhere else. Who hasn’t pretended to be a cowboy or cowgirl growing up? Joining our rodeo club will make that dream a reality!

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