The rodeo scene in Australia may not be as big as in the USA. But we at the “Kracking” State Rodeo club are serious about rodeo. So much so, we eat live and breathe rodeo. Kracking State Rodeo is a private club based group in Queensland, Australia. It is made up of keen rodeo fans, both riders and spectators alike.

Our aims are:

  • Provide a forum for all rodeo fans across the country to share their experience
  • Share rodeo related news and events
  • Hold fundraising events throughout the year when required

Memberships are open to the public and literally anyone can are welcome to join. Click here on how to register. Though preference are given to people currently active in the rodeo scene, either a rider or spectator at rodeo events. Interested people should email the club president at hollister@k-staterodeo.com and you will be given an official form to submit and return as soon as possible.